10 Best Apps For Learning Languages Anywhere

Technology has made it easy to become multilingual today, and you don’t have to study languages to become one. Any native language speaker can learn a second language of choice seamlessly, just like some people who learned to speak Mandarin by simply watching YouTube videos.

If you’re wondering how possible that is, this post provides answers to your questions. Here are the best ten apps for a flexible and enjoyable learning experience. You can now learn to speak, read, and write as many languages of your choice using these apps. We at MyPaperDone can help you to spare time for learning languages by covering your back at college.



This app is a popular application amongst language students, and curious language learners, with stats amounting to about 100 million users. It’s an app that merges gaming with learning through 81 powerful lessons developed by passionate language speakers, with a deep interest in helping others learn a new language. 


Mindsnack helps you to master the vocabularies of eight languages, using high-level gamification. You’ll also take tests as you listen and learn.


This apps makes it easy to learn a new language, dialogue, phrases, and vocabularies using pictures. It teaches 13 languages and offers up to 40 lessons free.


This app helps you with the translations and pronunciations of words, excellent for natives who want to learn their language from a tender age. It contains information and tests your learning as you go.


This app matches native speakers and language learners. It makes learning easy using questions, translation, and pronunciation. Your steady progress is tracked. It works more or less like an application you can use to find an assignment helper from a paper writing service online.


This app will help you improve your vocabulary grasp on any language. Its community of language users designs new ways of learning through standardized text and recommending top language books. It uses memes and games to make learning more fun.

  • HelloTalk

HelloTalk is a chat-like learning tool. Users chat with native learners of a particular language of choice. It then packages each session into materials for learning and comes with an error correction tool that makes learning easy.

  • LinguaLift

It is a tool handy for beginners and intermediate learners. It comes with a clear explanation, cultural facts, vocabulary, and facts. It’s one of the best for learning a new language, although Mandarin, Japenese, Hebrew, and Russian languages are yet to be released. The University of Oxford developed it.


Learning is done by simple questioning and dialogues, and you can chat with native language speakers, who would correct your mistakes while you talk. It has 12 courses on new languages, and it comes in free and paid versions.

  • MosaLingua

MosaLingua uses dialogue and illustrations in the learning process. Learning begins from numerals to topical approach and simplified phrases. You could also assess yourself, record, speak and easily spell new words.


Learning a new language is easier than it used to be. It is as easy as finding statistics homework help from a custom paper writing website. You’ll only have to decide what mobile and computer app to use to get started.

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