iOS 11 Ringtones & Notification Tones Download for Android

Now you can enjoy iOS 11 Ringtones on your Android mobile phone also. If you are an Android mobile user but loves iOS Ringtones then here we have brought perfect Ringtones Pack of the iOS device for Android users.

iOS is one of the most popular operating systems in the world and it is unique among all the operating systems with great features. There are many people who love iOS Ringtones but use Android Operating System. If you are also one of them then here you can grab all the iOS Ringtones & Notification Tunes for Android mobile.

iOS 11 Ringtones Android

iOS Ringtones Download for Android

There are many reasons why people love iOS OS such as many people like iOS Emojis and some like its ringtones. To be honest I have been always a fan of iOS Wallpapers and Ringtones. I personally use iOS Ringtones on my Android mobile phone and many people have been asking for the Ringtones pack of iOS 11 for Android devices. That’s why Here I’ve shared the complete package of iOS Ringtones.

You might’ve noticed that the Ringtone for all iOS devices is similar but there is a little bit different which depends on the iOS version. Here in this article, we will share the latest iOS 11 Ringtones collection which consists 28 Ringtones & 12 Notification Tones of iOS 11 Version.

Download iOS Ringtones

Here we have shared the direct download link for the iOS Ringtones which is a zip file and contains all the iOS Ringtones along with Notification tunes. All the Ringtones are in mp3 format and can be easily used as the Ringtone in any of the Android mobile phones. You just have to download the package file and then start using them as Ringtone & Notification Tones.

How to Set Up/Use iOS Ringtones on Android?

After downloading the Zip file of Ringtones you might be wondering how to use these Ringtones on Android mobile phone. Follow the below-mentioned steps to use iOS Ringtones on Android.

  • At first, download iOS Ringtones Zip package file from the link shared above.
  • Now open the Zip file and extract it to your device’s internal storage.
  • Now you can go to Sound Settings of your mobile phone and then choose your favorite ringtone and set that as default.
  • If your device is not detecting Ringtones from the folder then you can download any external Ringtone Setter application from the Google Play Store to use iOS Ringtones.


In brief, if you are a fan of iOS Ringtones then you can use them on your Android mobile phone also by just downloading Ringtone package file on the mobile phone.

If you are having any trouble in downloading or setting up Ringtones then please contact us via the comments form below. We will assist your query as soon as possible.

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