Jio Caller Tune Number, Songs List, Toll Free Number {Full Guide}

Jio is one of the popular telecom operators in Indian and these days 9 out of 10 smartphone users are using Jio Sim card on their device. Because Jio offers cheapest Data Packs and Calling. There are many other reasons also for which people choose Jio.

Cheapest Data Packs is one of the best things about Jio, but there are many other services which you get along with your Jio number such as Free Caller Tune. On the Jio Sim card, you get free caller tune for the lifetime, and you can change your Caller Tune unlimited time for free.

You don’t even need to pay a single penny for changing or activating Caller Tune on Jio number. However, Jio Caller Tune works also if you do not have an active data plan. Here in this article, we will be discussing everything about Jio Caller Tune. Read the complete guide to know more about Jio Tunes.

set jio caller tune

Jio Caller Tune

You can activate Jio Caller Tune on your mobile phone free, and there are various ways to activate the Jio Caller Tune, for example, you can set your favorite caller tune with the help of JioSaavn application. Below we have shared all the possible ways for setting a Jio Caller Tune.

How to Set Jio Caller Tune via JioSaavn App?

Recently JioTunes had tied up with the leading music platform Saavn, and now they’ve launched a universal app named JioSaavn. If you are using Jio Sim Card in your Smartphone, then follow below-mentioned steps to set Jio Caller Tune via JioSaavn application.

  • At first download JioSaavn application on your mobile phone from the Google Play Store.
  • Now open the application and Log In to the app using your Jio number.
  • After that search for your favorite song which you want to set as the Caller Tune.
  • Play the song.
  • On the Music Player screen there you will see an option Set As Jio Tune option. Click on it and confirm.
  • That’s it; Now your desired tune will be set as Caller Tune.

How to Set Jio Caller Tune via SMS?

If you do not have a Smartphone or you are not using the Jio Sim card on your Smartphone but still want to set the Jio Caller Tune on your Jio number then you can set the caller tune via SMS also.

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There is another benefit of setting Caller Tune via SMS is that if a particular song is not available on the JioSaavn application, then you can search for the song that via SMS and set that as your Caller Tune. Follow the below-shared steps to know more about setting Caller Tune via SMS on any Jio Number.


Jio Caller TuneHow To Set A Caller Tune In Jio
If you want to use a song as your Jio Caller Tune thenSMS MOVIE <movie name> and send it to 56789
If you want to use a song from the Album as your Jio Caller Tune then SMS ALBUM <album name > and send it to 56789
If you want to set song of a particular singer as your Jio Caller Tune thenSMS SINGER <singer name> and send it to 56789

jio caller tune set

  • For example, if you want to set a song from the Hate Story movie as your Caller Tune then open your Message Box and type MOVIE HATE STORY and then send this message to 56789.
  • Now you will receive a list of the songs from the album which you have selected.
  • Reply with the song number which you want to set as your Jio Caller Tune.
  • Now reply again for the confirmation.
  • That’s all; Now your desired song will be set as Caller Tune for free.
  • Follow the same methods again to set another Caller Tune.

How to Deactivate Jio Caller Tune?

If you do not want to use Jio Tunes anymore, then you can deactivate the Jio Caller Tune subscription easily with just a message.

  • Open Message Box on your mobile phone and type STOP then send it to 56789.
  • Now reply with for confirmation.
  • That’s all, Now Jio Caller Tune service will be deactivated from your Jio Number.


So this was a complete guide regarding the Jio Caller Tune if you are also a Jio user and not enjoying the Caller Tune then follow the above-shared guide and enjoy free Caller Tune on your Jio Number.

If you are having any query or trouble in setting Jio Caller Tune, then please do let us know via the comments section. We would be happy to help you. Keep visiting TechOnFleek for more updates.

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